Ironwood wants you to be able to continue accepting payments in the safest, most effective way possible. Accepting contactless payments is a simple and secure way for customers to pay for goods and services, or donate, without making physical contact. Apple Pay is one of the most popular methods of contactless payments. We want to answer some questions about how you can use Apple Pay to keep your employees and customers safe. 

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a contactless payment system that allows customers to use their Apple iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to securely pay for a transaction without using a physical card or touching the card reader.

Can my business accept Apple Pay?

Any merchant who has a countertop terminal or card reader that can accept contactless payments has the ability to accept Apple Pay. If you are unsure if your current solution has contactless ability, give us a call. Most likely you already have access to this feature, and if you’re not using it, we can help you get started. 

If your terminal/card reader displays one or both of the following symbols, you can accept Apple Pay:

How does it work?

Customers add their compatible credit/debit cards to Apple Pay using the Wallet app on their device. They are then able to access their payment methods through Apple Pay to pay for goods and services. When paying in person, the customer simply holds their device near the contactless reader/terminal when prompted to insert, swipe or tap their card. No physical contact with the terminal is required. A vibration alerts the customer that the payment has processed and the transaction continues as usual. 

Why should my business accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a secure method for customers to make payments in person without having to physically touch or insert a card into a card reader. It is easy and safe for both the merchant and the customer. Outside of the applicable transaction fees, there are no additional fees involved with accepting Apple Pay.

Chances are you already have the ability to accept Apple Pay and contactless payments. If you need more information on how to access or add this feature to your current payment solution, Ironwood is here to help you #GoContactless.

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